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Regular and proper maintenance of the UV curing systems is key to a longer operational life, greater performance and improved production quality.

In most cases we are called when the system has already stopped working due to failures that could have been prevented, or limited, with proper maintenance. Unfortunately, such consequences often lead to the need for visits, repairs or replacements, which are more expensive than planned maintenance. Not to mention the production loss in terms of both quantity and quality, due to the deterioration of one or more components of the system.

To overcome the above problems, we have studied and developed maintenance options that will ensure the UV system retaining its maximum performance conditions:

  • Free telephone support for smaller issues or requests for technical information;
  • Repairs carried out at our service centre by skilled technicians;
  • Routine maintenance programmes for regular system cleaning, monitoring of system parameters and lamp status, and provision of any preventive maintenance information.
  • On-site customer maintenance visits by service engineers on a scheduled and unscheduled basis.

With programmed maintenance you can enjoy many benefits, such as the improved performance and reliability of the UV system, longer component life, greater production consistency, lower costs for machine downtime, overall reduction of maintenance costs and no extra commitment or training required for your staff

This maintenance program can be discussed and tailored according to your own specific needs.

Please contact us for more detailed information or for an assessment of the action plan best suited to your needs.

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