Which radiation source or wavelength is best suited to our applications? Can I research solutions or UV technologies for improving the quality and durability of my products?

Find the answers to these questions, and many more, by referring directly to the Qurtech Research & Development Center (CRD)

At CRD tests and simulations can be carried out, for the most diverse industrial applications, by examining the usage possibilities of the various lamps and wavelengths in the UV light spectrum. Your process can be simulated on your parts according to the specified conditions in order to verify the feasibility and potential of UV technology.

Our highly skilled staff will plan, guide and supervise the CRD tests, and in many cases can answer your questions in real time.

A large application and curing area, equipped with UV lamp systems for 2D and 3D curing, complete the CRD, making it an ideal meeting point for all questions concerning UV technology.

CRD can provide the following equipment for laboratory or semi industrial qualification tests:

  • Manual bar coaters application systems;
  • High pressure and heated cup spray guns for 100% solid systems;
  • Fusion UV Lamps with fixed and variable power outputs;
  • A variety of mercury Bulbs available with different spectral outputs to determine the best curing conditions, based on the product and process requirements;
  • Air and liquid cooled LED curing systems;
  • LED system available wavelengths: 365, 385, 395 and 405 nm;
  • 3D UV coating application and curing booth, with rotating jig. This option allows the possibility of evenly distributing the specific dose of UV light (mJ/cm²) required on 3D parts;
  • UV radiometers type EIT MicroCure®, PowerMAP and PowerPuck (UVA2) to measure the exact UV energy under which curing was performed on the sample, in terms of dosage (mJ/cm) and intensity (mW/cm²).

The quality of the end product can then by checked by:

  • Digital thickness gauge;
  • Triple angle gloss meter;
  • Adhesive test;
  • Pencil hardness test.

To test your application or make an appointment, please contact one of our UV experts.

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