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The use of UV curing in the packaging and labelling industry began in the 1980s. Thanks to specifically developed products, this industry has achieved a level of excellence never seen before. One of its major features in decorative applications is the rapid drying* time it offers, while providing excellent decorative quality and optimal durability.

Decorations through UV curing are found on many types of packaging, such as metal or plastic containers for personal care or food, polyurethane containers, glass bottles, tin cans and polystyrene containers. They are characterised by high definition and their high chemical and mechanical resistance.

There are many advantages using this method for decorating thermo-sensitive, polymer-based plastic containers, such as PVC, PET or PC. This is because the absence of heat, due to the speed of the UV curing process, prevents damage to the polymers.

Their use has also been crucial in the development of multi-colour printing machines (CMYK or hexachrome), with the capacity to simultaneously apply multiple colours directly onto the substrate, reducing time and labour costs and giving excellent results. To report also UV overprint varnishes that are applied to printed film and paper substrates to improve the gloss of the print and protect them from scratching and discolouration.

*Through crosslinking, not through evaporation


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