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UV technology has been commonly used to decorate and protect wooden components since the early 1980s. The growth of this market has resulted in the development of a series of innovative coating products suitable for curing with UV light. These products can be either 100% solids (no VOCs) or water-based.

Together with the undisputed benefits of this technology in terms of quality and properties, they have helped to significantly reduce environmental emissions. UV coatings for wood – clear or pigmented, opaque or glossy – can be used to give a highly protective and aesthetic finish to wooden flooring, doors, furniture and frames.

Due to the diffusion of vacuum metal deposition technology or PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition), as well as UV products such as primers and top coatings, new kinds of decorative technologies that at first seemed impossible have now been achieved. Specifically, besides making the end product entirely recyclable, the UV/PVD process helps improving the overall look of the end product. It ensures a glossiness and a purity that remain unaltered over time, along with making it easy to clean, moisture resistant and resistant to the increasingly aggressive detergents.


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