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The growth of the mobile phone market, both in terms of its figures and its product performance, has found a natural solution in UV technology. Both decorative and functional UV coatings are commonly used worldwide for both external casings and mobile phone displays. These days special processing is carried out using UV coating for producing highly sophisticated displays for mobile phones, tablets, computers and flat screen TV’s in particular. These provide greater protection against scratches, abrasions, stains and fingerprints, improve product features such as anti-reflection performance, prevent eye fatigue and ensure a good image quality.

Currently, UV cured products are used for assembling micro-components within the electronics industry, allowing for processes with higher precision and reduced time. UV coating is also used for the protection of small components inside mobile phones. This type of coating is applied in only a few seconds directly on the assembly line. Consequently, as well as attaining an improved end-product, production space and time requirements are both significantly reduced.


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