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The automotive industry can be counted among the first industries to which UV technology brought high added value, achieved by virtue of its distinctive low environmental impact, good quality and high productivity. Functional UV coating applications are now common in this market due to their superior quality of scratch resistance, resistance to wear, abrasion and corrosion and are used on exterior and interior components and systems of cars, trucks and motorcycles. Another important application deals with vehicle safety systems.

UV technology offers manufacturing processes with low, or even zero emissions, as well as greater automation and processing speed compared to traditional production techniques.

UV products (e.g. primers and top coats), used in physical vapour deposition (PVD) processes for metal based finishes such as chromium and aluminium, also join this list. These types of finishes have started to replace the old-fashioned and toxic galvanic chrome, such as hexavalent/trivalent chromium plating baths. This improves the performance of the component, increasing the field of applicability to various types of plastics, which leads to more cost-effective recycling and above all, does not release toxic substances.


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